Book cover for Wild Horse, a superhero novelette by Kyle Richardson
Published: July 30, 2019

Grady has found a crack in the wall—a crack to the outside world. But all he knows about life outside the compound comes from books, magazines, and a photograph of a creature that no longer exists.

Things change when he meets a girl with raspberry-yellow hair, and a secret that could lead them to a world beyond the walls. A world where their abilities could change everything … or lead them both to ruin.

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A week passes before Grady asks, “What do you think happened to the guards?”

They’re wading through a hip-high stream, dunking themselves in it. Like dead leaves, their loose gray clothes hang from a scraggly tree. Cassie smooths her dripping hair behind her right ear and says, “One of the kids made ’em do it, I guess.” The water rains off her chin in shiny rivulets.

Grady bunches his face. He sweeps the stream around him into glinting crescent streaks. “But how?” he asks. “It doesn’t make much sense.”

Cassie clears her throat and says, “We’re not the only ones with powers, you know.”

(Wild Horse, pp. 18-19)


Wild Horse was added to the Nebula Awards Suggested Reading List by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (Publication Year: 2019 / Category: Novelette).

“Richardson reminds you of the litheness of the short form, its ability to gallop you to somewhere you didn’t expect. His text is the tantalizing kind that captivates your attention and leaves meaning to be uncovered.”

“Set in a terrifying world of guards and prison cells, Wild Horse is a coming of age story for fans of dystopian novels … Wild Horse had me completely captivated and invested in Grady’s survival.”

“Stirs you up and makes you feel … In a world of decay of life and humanity, there is still, in the very end, ‘a flicker. A spark. The tiniest hint of a flame’ of hope.”